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Nature’s Own Guano Super Bloom 20L


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Guano Super Bloom 20L

Guano is a 100% natural organic garden nutrient for use in all flowering and fruiting situations.

Nature’s Own Guano is natural and highly concentrated. It has been formed slowly over many of years to produce a valuable and natural source of plant nutrients and essential trace elements. Guano is derived from seabird, cave bat and seal excrement so you can be assured you are getting rich nutrients in organic goodness.

This simple and remarkable natural garden nutrient works well on most plans from tomatoes and fruit through to roses, lawns and indoor gardens.


Average garden applications require 5-10ml per litre.Young seedlings have low feeding requirements while larger plants have higher requirements.
Guano is suitable for most plants in all growing situations (including hydroponics).
Shake well before use and store in a cool dark location.