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Who we are

At Lux Cuttings Hydroponics we do everything in our power to make sure you have great access to the latest and greatest in hydroponics equipment, technology, and techniques. We aim to find and supply only the best products.

We’re the largest Hydroponics Centre/Shop in inner Sydney – nothing in the CBD, inner west, or eastern suburbs compares with what we have on offer.

Our team includes not only a qualified and experienced arborist and horticulturist with many years of hands on hydroponics experience, but also a highly experienced carpenter for those custom builds where no kit or tent will do exactly what you need.

What we have

We cater for all growers, from those using a single CFL, to commercial set ups, and everything in between. Not only do we specialise in high end equipment and supplies, but our experienced team can custom built systems in our workshop to suit your particular size limitations and personal preferences.

We carry all the major brands, nutrients, and additives. If we don’t already have it, we’ll get it in for you. Whether you’re after one bag of coco, or a pallet load, come and visit us (or shoot us an email). Large orders attract large discounts.

We’re lucky enough to have an indoor loading area with a discreet back entrance and parking at rear.

Why we're here

We want to provide that best range and service possible. Just like you, we’re result driven. We don’t give advice lightly, and unless we have proven results we won’t recommend new techniques or equipment.Our team are super friendly, very knowledgable, and love what we do. We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for hydroponics advice and equipment. We’re here to make sure you have everything you need and everything you need to know.

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