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Hy-Gen 2.76 Conductivity Solution 1L


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2.76 Conductivity Solution 1L

It is essential to calibrate your EC (electrical conductivity) meter with CONDUCTIVITY 2.76 solution regularly. The measurement of available nutrient in the solution is measured as the electrical conductivity. The units used to report the readings are millisiemens per centimetre (mS/cm), Conductivity Factor (cF) or parts per million (ppm).

The conductivity increases with nutrient strength. Distilled or deionised water will give a near-zero reading. As a general guide for hydroponics: 1mS/cm = 10cF = 700ppm. Nutrient requirements vary from plant to plant; therefore the ideal conductivity varies from plant to plant also.


  • HY-GEN® is the mark of guaranteed quality
  • Made using high-quality analytical grade constituents
  • Prepared under careful supervision by our qualified chemist who has more than 25 years of experience


This 2.76 is the universal standard for EC/PPM/PPM500/PPM700/TDS Meters. It is used to calibrate and ensure accurate readings from your tools.