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Canna Aqua Flores A&B 5L


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Canna Aqua Flores is a complete nutrient for plants, containing all the essential elements for optimal flowering. Aqua Flores is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or ebb and flow systems.


  • Provides optimum flowering and fruiting for fast-growing plants
  • Easy to use with high quality ingredients
  • Contains silicic acids, humic & fulvic acids, and chelated trace elements
  • For use during flowering phase
  • Suitable for recirculating systems (NFT/ Ebb and Flow/ Drip)


  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Fill nutrient reservoir with water
  • Add Aqua Flores to the nutrient reservoir with the dilution ratio 1:333 (30 ml A per 10 litre of water and 30 ml B per 10 litre of water)
  • Add Aqua Flores A. Stir well, then add Aqua Flores B. Again, stir well and let mixture stand for some hours
  • The EC of Aqua Flores dissolved in (tap) water varies between 1.3 – 2.1 mS/cm2 (= the solution EC + the water EC)
  • Recommended pH: 5.2 – 6.2 Due to the special composition of this nutrient it is not necessary to adjust the pH levels after setting it initially
  • Use the nutrition from the moment that flowers start to form, from 1 to 3 weeks 12 hours of lighting.
  • Renew the nutrition regularly

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