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We make sure we stock the best products, have the best advice, and can provide the best custom builds. We are an experienced and qualified team with specialisations across many relevant fields including horticulture, hydroponics, and carpentry.

At Lux Cuttings we keep up to date with current best practices and make it our business to know about new techniques and equipment that can get the best results for our customers. Results driven? So are we. We’d never recommend products or techniques that aren’t proven to maximise results.

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We aim to make sure our customers can get everything they need from the one place, and that includes our wholesale customers. If it’s the best product available, you can count on us to stock it.

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Lux Cuttings are the sole importers of these products into Australia and New Zealand. Want to stock it? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.


Regular pots cause serious deformation at the root level, compromising a plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients, grow well, and stay healthy. The Air-Pot is a very clever system designed to eliminate root circling. Its unique design also eliminates the stress associated with repotting and planting.

Abscent bags

Travel with the strongest, funkiest smells securely locked away. Carefully designed and meticulously constructed, they feature several layers of odour proofing meaning no one will smell a thing. Carbon liner? Check. Special zippers with odour eating flaps? Check. Designed as inserts you can slip into your favourite backpack? Check. Need a new bag? Got you covered.

Oral Clear detox gum by Clear Choice

Surprise test? Clear Choice Oral Clear Detox Gum is fast acting. Within thirty seconds your mouth and saliva will be clear of all toxins for up to half an hour. This product does not require an abstinence period to work.


Stink Sack™ are a range of innovative storage solutions designed to keep items fresh. Transparent bags are approved for storing carry on liquids for air travel and opaque black ensure privacy and discretion.


Grassroots began making hats for a documentary film they were producing in 2009 and has since created fitted hats for some of the biggest names in the industry including Method Man, Cheech and Chong, Griz and Jerry Garcia. Paying the finest attention to detail, GRC uses such fabrics as hemp, recycled soda cans, ballistic material and even adding holograms onto the brim.


Minimal space? Max out your yield. Training plants is a proven way to maximise yields and has been successfully implemented for centuries the world over. SCROGGER is a simple and effective way to train your plants for maximum light absorption and eliminates many of the common problems associated with the practice of espalier.

Screenie Weenies 5.0

The ScreenyWeeny is the “world’s best” fake penis. The unique Push&Piss function makes it ideal for selective use on an important “date” and its one-handed operation means it is always ready for use immediately. The ScreenyWeeny is available in many different varieties, so there’s one for everyone: lighter or darker, circumcised or uncircumcised

Levo Oil

Infusion is exactly what it sounds like. To infuse oil or butter, controlled heat and time are used to transfer the flavor, scent, color, and nutrients from a variety of ingredients into the carrier of your choice.

Stalin bags

Tap-proof phone bag!

Foreign secret agencies have been able to activate the microphones of switched off mobile phones for quite some time. This means they could be listening in even when mobile phones actually appear to be switched off.


tCheck is a home infusion potency tester, measures the strength of your infused butter, coconut oil, olive oil and alcohol based tinctures in seconds.


Mine your own gold.

We’ve been doing it ourselves since the beginning.  Now it’s your turn.

” Solventless, The Only Way”

Once repurposed products started to hit the market we knew there was a gap to be filled with a quality, portable and lightweight press built from the ground up by the average everyday user.


Lux Cuttings are the sole importers of these products into Australia and New Zealand. Want to stock it? Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

Smoke Buddy

Quality air filters designed to help you reduce second-hand smoke, and all the things associated with it – smells, particle pollution, and deleterious health effects. Reduce the need to clean your room, save the lives of those around you, or smoke wherever and whenever. Smoke goes in, odor free air comes out.


Just started into what is dubbed as the hottest cultural trend of the 20th century – vaping? Well, you’re in for a treat once you get yourself one of those portable vaporizers like the DaVinci™ Classic or Ascent. These vaporizers are exactly what they are supposed to be – advanced, superior and portable, They are lightweight, compact and discreet for the vape connoisseurs who works on-the-go