no till farming

Well, if we care about our environment and especially about our crop, then there is really no question. Tilling, drilling, shovelling, whatever you may call it, disturbs the precious structures of the soil that has developed over more years then we have been around. The forest floor is one of the most perfect examples of how we want our soil to be for when we grow at home. It has been well documented on how extremely remote, undisturbed forest areas are explosively fertile. Mother nature is, therefore, the gold or better yet, platinum standard of organic growing, as it is, 100%, natural. Seems pretty obvious, huh, well, oddly enough, the powers that be of big industry and general common misconception, still often push towards super chemicals claiming to help the bottom line. Make no mistake, whatever the bottom line is, be it quality, profits, turnover etc., In the long run, organic style growing, just like mother nature does it, will ultimately win the race.

So, don’t be afraid to go the organic route when you are experimenting with your grow. If you have good-sized pots or a patch of land, go for it. Get yourself some organic super soil which is specially designed to simulate all the nutrient goodness of for example a forest floor. Chuck some happy (if you’re squeamish) worms on top  to promote the production of fresh compost, otherwise known as “vermiculture.” Worms digest decomposing organic material and create castings that replenish the soil with valuable nutrients, eliminating the need for the external input of fertilizers. 

You will notice higher crop yields and simply better results. Via No-Till growing, you retain all the goodness within the soil which means, not only it being re-usable, but more fertile, more resilient, more water-absorbent and nutrient absorbent. If higher productivity, quality and big yields are what you are after, then simply go organic. Going natural also means saying goodbye to harmful chemicals which not only saves you money but also saves your health if you intend to consume what you grow.

And let’s be honest, of course you wanna try what you grow!