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Omnia Plant Glider 90KG Terracotta

Omnia Plant Glider 90KG Terracotta

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Unlike its competitors, the revolutionary new wheelbase allows you to move heavy pot plants (up to 90KG) without catching in cracks and gaps. The 6-wheel radial design gives the Plant Dolly unrivaled load stability and directional control for a range of different types of pots like terracotta, stone, and ceramic.

Key Benefits

  • Glides over joints deck and gaps without getting caught easily; with stability at its core – both in motion and when stationary.
  • Won’t easily roll away by itself – no need for a brake on normal cross-falls.
  • Material won’t rust/cease – it will work as well in 3 years as it does today.
  • Oh … did we mention it looks great and doesn’t detract from the main feature (the beauty of your pot and plants).


  • 100% Australian-made.
  • Extended 3-year warranty.
  • Omni-directional wheels using commercial-grade technology.
  • Maximised wheel-base width with six (6) fixed omni wheels for optimum load stability (90KG).
  • Allows inadvertent overloading without permanent damage/bending.
  • Continuous rubber non-slip ring to keep pots on stand.
  • Strong Impact Resistant glass-filled polypropylene body.
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