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Professor’s Nutrients Resin Clean 1L


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Resin Clean 1L

Resin Clean is a 100% natural heavy duty tool and hand cleaner, containing high quality citrus oils for fast active results.

It comes in a 1 litre trigger bottle and has a natural orange fragrance.


  • Designed to remove all forms of Resin from Leaf Trimming Machines, while protecting the blades and
    lid from built up Resin.
  • Handy for cleaning garden tools, scissors or any surface that has been affected by resin build up.


Spray a small amount of Resin Clean on your Leaf Trimming Machine or your favourite Scissors or Pruners.
Resin Clean will reduce build up by 85%.
When build up occurs spray a small amount of Resin Clean to soften the resin, then remove with a blade or scraper.

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