Oxy Pot Large 4 Set System



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IWS Oxypot 4 Deep Water Culture (Bubbler) system is the ideal system for growing 1-4 medium/large plants with high yielding ability!

How it works

Plants sit in mesh baskets filled with clay pebbles with their roots suspended in the DWC tank where 4 air stones create a constant stream of bubbles oxygenating the nutrient solution. The roots have access to all the feed and oxygen they need helping them to grow quickly and develop a huge root mass. There’s no timer to set and no complicated assembly – set it up and leave it!

So simple to use and with the benefit of a large reservoir tank requiring fewer top-ups than individual single plant Oxypots.


Air pump
Air stones
All tubing/fittings
Fast growth
No timer- Plant-up and leave it
Large healthy root mass
Pots can be turned under lights
Easy access to the reservoir. Check nutrients quickly and easily
Grow fewer plants if you like. You’re not restricted to 4 (Extra covers are available)
Comfortably fits a 1.2m x 1.2m tent.

Oxypot 4 Complete Kit 83 x 83 x 38


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