Oxy Pot 2 Set Deep Water Culture



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Oxypot 2 Set  – 2 plant system is a great step into Deep Water Culture: the 2 plant Oxypot grow systems produce phenomenal results in a small space and use very little media – just a handful of clay pebbles.

The plants are placed in a mesh pot containing pebbles and the roots hang down into the growing chamber which contains an air pump that continually oxygenates the nutrient solution.

One of the simplest introductions to hydroponics available.

Comes With Air Pump + AirStones ready to Grow


Rarely is something so effective so simple to use. Deep Water Culture (DWC) has quickly become popular because there’s no timer, very little media and the root growth is exceptional.Our Oxypots have some great features that are proving popular with growers, the emptying tube makes it easy to check the solution level and to complete solution changes, the removable mesh basket enables growers to turn the plant for even light exposure and the locators keeps the air pump firmly in place.


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