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OGS Guano 1KG


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Guano 1KG

Phosphorus, Silica, Sulfur & Calcium Additive

Our Seabird Guano is a powerhouse, nutrient dense amendment that will boost any garden to unparalleled heights! Containing a whopping amount of Phosphorous, Calcium, Silica and Sulfur, this one has everything a flowering plant is craving.

Guano is the droppings of seabirds that are high in Phosphorous, Silica, Calcium and Sulfur. It is certified organic and is suitable for almost all flowering/ blooming plants. Guano stimulates an increase in yield, terpene content, flavonoid and increase in soil microbiology and diversity.


  • 12.6 % P:

Our Guano is in the form of a Di Calcium Phosphate complex and when this reacts with weak solutions of acid naturally present in the soil (such as Humic Acid), soluble Phosphate and Calcium are released and these nutrients become available for plant uptake. To aid this process, at planting the naturally occurring silica in the guano reacts with water to form mono silica acid which in turn assists with the breakdown of the Di Calcium Phosphate. Finally more Phosphorous becomes available at higher concentrations of acidity in the root zone and, this acidity produced in part by root exudates in the maturing plant.

  • 11% Sulfur:

In the elemental form and mineralises to provide a slow release of Sulphur for the entire growing season without leaching or being lost to the atmosphere as a gas. Sulphur allows the plant to efficiently uptake nitrogen and in legumes allows nitrogen fixation. Apart from supplying nutrients directly to the plant elemental Sulphur, by conversion in the soil, to Sulphuric Acid reacts with the naturally occurring Calcium Carbonate to produce plant available Calcium. This Calcium can then be used by the plant and or to assist in displacing Sodium, for this Sodium can then be leached from the soil.

  • 24.8% Silica:

 In the form of a mono Silica Acid is taken up by the plant with water uptake and is deposited in the cell walls. This gives the plant a considerable increase in stem strength while providing a mechanical barrier to both fungal infection and water loss. Like Sulphur, Silica has a function in the soil chemistry as well as the plant. Free Silica in the soil will displace Phosphorous that is bound to Iron liberating plant available Phosphorous while producing an Iron Silicate.

  • 26.2% Calcium:

In the form of Di Calcium Phosphate. The organic fertilizer’s Calcium benefits are taken into the plant with water. Calcium is necessary for cell development. Research shows Calcium uptake begins 5 days after seed hydration therefore available Calcium at the seed is essential. Without good calcium levels, plants cannot use Nitrogen efficiently.


We recommend you use 1/4 of a cup of Guano per 25L of soil when initially preparing soil. Top dress sparingly.

Re-amendment rates will vary depending on the composition of other amendments used.