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Nulife Nitro Boost 4L


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Nulife Nitro Boost 4L

The problem of slow initial growth affects many crops. Quite often this problem is caused by a lack of nitrogen that, in itself, has a number of causes. In recirculating systems, denitrification may occur due to a lack of oxygen in the system.

There is quite a demand for oxygen not only by the plant but also by various bacteria within the system. So while the plant may have enough oxygen for its own process, it is depriving the organisms in the solution of oxygen.

Unlike plants many of these organisms respond by taking oxygen from the nitrate molecule in the solution. The nitrogen part of this molecule is then released into the air.

In organic run-to-waste systems, the organisms that compost the organic material are big users of nitrogen. Depending on the nutrient you are using there may not be enough nitrogen for all these processes as well as meet all the plants requirements.

Nitro Boost is compounded from slow and fast release forms of organic nitrogen and is an inexpensive method of overcoming most deficiencies.


Add 1ml per litre of Nitro Boost to the nutrient solution in addition to your normal nutrient.