Levo Oil Machine (Silver)



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Mess free oil infusion in your own kitchen

Infusion uses controlled heat to transfer flavour, fragrance, colour, and nutrients from botanical ingredients to a carrier oil, whether that be butter, olive oil, jojoba, or something else. Traditionally, this was done by letting dried botanicals steep in a carrier oil and strained. This process takes time and can get messy. The LEVO oil machine is as easy to use as an automated coffee machine, and takes up about as much space in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless:

  • Lavender biscuits.
  • Alcohol free vanilla extract.
  • Herb infused oils for salads.
  • Rosemary butter and marinades.
  • Lemon salt scrubs.
  • Fragrant body lotions.
  • Homemade wellness products.

The LEVO oil machine is the product of over five years’ development and engineering. It’s simple to use, eliminates mess, and means you can make the highest quality oil infusions in your own home at a fraction of the price.

  • Better taste.
  • Superior nutrition.
  • Maximised therapeutic benefits.
  • Eliminate the need for emulsifiers, solvents, or other additives.

There are no predetermined temperature and time settings giving you total creative control over the infusion process. The LEVO oil machine won’t aerate ingredients, naturally extending the shelf life of your infusions. Other features include:

  • Touch screen.
  • Child lock.
  • Dishwasher safe components.
  • Made of stainless steel, silicone, and BPA free plastic.
  • Ships with a voltage step down converter for safe use with Australian power points.


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