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Integra Boost humidiccant is a 2-way humidity regulator that is designed to release or absorb moisture and maintain relative humidity in any sealed container. Integra Boost is the perfect humidity control solution, preventing mold growth, extending shelf life, and preserving the organoleptic qualities of medicinal herbs that are sensitive to moisture.

The packets can be used in curing jar and storage container applications and are available in 55% or 62% relative humidity. Each packet comes with a humidity indicator card* which is a simple and effective way to visually verify the integrity of the product.


– Extends shelf-life
– Retains weight
– Prevents mold and over drying
– Less monitoring and zero burping
– Preserves organoleptic & medical properties
– Maintains aroma and flavor of herbal medicine
– Non-corrosive solution. Does not contain salts.

Recommended sizes:

– 4g of Integra Boost for up to 12g
– 8g of Integra Boost for 12g-28g
– 67g of Integra Boost for up to 450g


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