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Hy-Gen Omegazyme 1L


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Omegazyme 1L

OMEGAZYME™ is a blend of natural sea kelp selected specifically for its root and shoot promoting properties. The organic compounds are known to enhance and accelerate root repair and root system development. They are also known to actively promote vegetative growth and stimulate early flower production. The raw plant ingredients used are carefully prepared using a cold-pressed method, which ensures the naturally high levels of these boosters remain strongly active.

OMEGAZYME™ contains natural organic bound, readily absorbable, trace elements, which also stimulate root repair and growth while promoting new vegetative growth. The ingredients in OMEGAZYME™ ultimately aid in the natural transport processes occurring within the plant rhizosphere. In a way, it behaves as a tonic for the rhizosphere. The process helps resist stress brought on by drought, overwatering, nutrient deficiency and root diseases.

It is excellent for use on new cuttings and effective on all plants and safe to use in aquaponic systems. It is also a great pre-conditioner or pre-soak for cocopeat. Continue using OMEGAZYME™ until flowers and buds form then commence using it with SEA ESSENTIALS™ until fruits begin to form. This will optimise the transition into fruit production and maximise yield potential.

Get your plants off to a healthy start – a plant tonic like no other!


• Promotes root growth & repair
• Promotes growth & flowering
• Beneficial to cuttings
• Helps against transplant shock
• Natural chelated trace elements
• Organic minerals
• Improves plant health


Use OMEGAZYME™ as a soak for cuttings and seedlings to promote new root growth. OMEGAZYME™ is suitable for all ‘run to waste’ and ‘re-circulating systems. Regularly flush your system to prevent nutrient and plant waste build-up.

Use for:

  • Seedlings
  • Cuttings
  • Growth
  • Early Flowering
  • Foliar
  • Soil