Chess Series 510 Drip Tip Stainless Steel – Knight





Love, love, love these drip tips! Designed by famous Japanese artist Kizuro (creater of the famous Kizuko Atty Stand), these 6 drip tips are truly unique and offer a variety of vaping experiences such as cloud chasing, flavour chasing, newbie, daily vaping or just fancy vaping. Or maybe you just like to have the coolest customised vaporiser on the block!

Each piece comes shaped as an individual chess piece whilst meeting different size preferences (length etc) and are made from food grade Stainless Steel (SS304L). Each one is 510 compatible – just ensure that the width and length are appropriate for your specific tank.

Meet the Knight – Standing tall at 24.19mm and 13.32mm wide. A sleek drip tip fighting for your liberty.

• Unique chess appearance design
• Meeting different preferences for length
• Safe food grade material SS304L
• Ergonomic design for best inhale experience
• Compatible with all 510 atomizers

If you are vaping for extended periods and feel your lips getting too hot, please wait till the drip tip cools before reusing.

As your drip tip enters into your mouth, I highly recommend cleaning it regularly to deal with gunk, germs and anything else present on the inside or out. Simply wash your drip tip in warm water and a gentle soap/detergent. Rinse and set aside to dry before using. For extremely gunky drip tip, Isopropyl Alcohol will work a treat.


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