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Cannabolish Odour Removing Gel (Wintergreen) 425g


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Cannabolish Odour Removing Gel (Wintergreen) 425g

Use the natural odour-absorbing power of Cannabolish 15 oz. Gel to remove lingering smoke smells from Cannabis and tobacco, safely. Leave an open jar in any room to extinguish lingering smoke odours between seshes. Its plant-based formula works as it evaporates, seeking out and neutralizing smoke odors non-stop. No harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.


Partner with a Cannabolish Candle and Spray to completely refresh your sesh – before, during, and after.


(Bonus: Cannabolish products also remove other everyday odours.)



  • Odour removing gel with non-toxic, plant-based formula
  • Effectively neutralizes odour molecules instead of covering them up
  • Made with natural ingredients, like water and plant oils
  • No harmful toxins and safer around people, pets, and for the planet
  • Comes in recyclable packaging



Unlike traditional air fresheners or other odor eliminators, Cannabolish doesn’t cover up smells with other scents. Each product relies on the natural chemistry of plant oils to neutralize odors at the molecular level.

Includes: Water, Potassium acrylate acrylamide (2-propenoic acid, potassium salt, polymer with 2-propenamide), Proprietary natural plant oil blend Trade Secret per Uniform Trade Secrets Act)*, Natural Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen), Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan oleate, Proprietary preservatives.

* Trade secret per Uniform Trade Secrets Act (ingredients may include those found at IFRAOrg.org).



1. Open the jar and peel back the foil.
2. Replace the slotted lid and place where odors are strongest.
3. Best used between sessions.
4. Partner with Candle (during session) and Spray (after the session) for total smoke odor removal.