HyperFan complete with variable Rheostat

WAY TO GROW is pleased to announce the arrival of Hyper Fan. Hyper Fan uses next generation “Multi-Phase” EC Motors that energizes the motor 12 times per revolution. Power delivery to the fan blade is smooth, ultra efficient and vibration free. This fan uses up to half the power and produces half the heat of current leading industry mixed flow fans. This results in greatly reduced energy costs, less wear, improved reliability and increased lifespan. Hyper Fan produces up to 2.4 inches of Water Gauge pressure. The highest pressure of any fan in its class, delivering more air movement through ducting, carbon filters or air cooled hoods. Detachable speed controller is included. Available in 150mm (149Lps/315cfm), 200mm (335Lps/710cfm) & 250mm (503Lps/1065cfm). 300mm & 350mm coming soon.

HYPERFAN by Phresh

HyperFan is the first of it’s kind, first and only in the industry to utilize EC motor technology, the first and only digital brushless motor. 

The Hyperfan produces high-pressure laminar airflow. Remember that laminar airflow is a precise, high-pressure tube of air. A good way to explain this is that a centrifugal fan is like a shotgun, while laminar airflow is like a sniper rifle.

The HyperFan’s compact, efficient technology consists of a circuit board with “soft start” feature built in and 12 magnetic poles.  The circuit boards are high quality, produced by Sanyong, and the soft start feature prevents extreme electrical currents from degrading the electrical components, much like SOLIS TEK digital ballasts. Other brands of fans have 2-4 magnetic poles in a brush motor variety. The Hyperfan has no brushes, and 12 magnetics poles. This is important. HyperFan’s “Multi-Phase” technology, means that these 12 poles fire in thirds. 4/4/4. The result is 3 constant, smooth, waves, of power transfer. (Rather than one wave with big spikes of energy.) One third of the full current produces less heat.  Multi-Phase technology in combination with EC motor technology is how HyperFan accomplishes higher CFM and greater static pressure than a comparably sized MaxFan at ½ the energy consumption.  Another benefit of this clean, compact technology is that the motor-shaft is much shorter in a HyperFan than in other fans; which positions the bearings much closer together.  Other fan manufacturers use roller pin style bearings; which require a certain RPM for them to properly self lubricate. They can become problematic when adjusting the fan rotation speed, and are prone to binding up. This will not be an issue with the HyperFans because they have heavy-duty sealed ball bearings. (6mm in the 6”, 8mm in the 8” and 10mm in the 10” fans.)  These bearings are NMB, produced by the same Japanese bearing company that makes bearings for skateboards. These high quality bearings are rated 7 on the ABEC Rating scale. Quality bearings, on a shorter motor shaft, makes for a very reliable, smooth operating fan. This is one of the reasons that our fans are quieter when you turn the speed down low, instead of louder like our competitors fans. It also allows the fan to be mounted in any orbital position necessary for convenience.

The HyperFan utilizes 8 stators and 7 taper blades to produce high-pressure laminar air flow. Taper blades are inspired by jet airplane turbine design. They produce high pressure behind the blade. High pressure naturally wants to move to low pressure, so in addition to the high-pressure laminar airflow that they produce, they also push their own blades, assisting in the rotation of the whole blade set, for smooth, efficient operation that is gentle on all the components.

The highly engineered taper blade set is made of PBT plastic.  This plastic is extremely hard and will not deform over time, after continued use, even under extreme environmental conditions. The MaxFan uses plastic blade sets on some sizes. The plastic that they use is not as hard and more likely to deform over time.  The PBT plastic in the HyperFan blades is more brittle because of its rigidity, so it is more likely to chip if you stick something into the blades during operation.

The body of the HyperFan is a lightweight, anodized blue aluminum, which comes with the mounting bracket attached.

The HyperFan comes with a dimmable speed controller (anywhere between 35%-100%) on a seperate cord independent from the power cord. If it was inline on the power cord there would be too much amperage transferring to the rheostat, which can overload the rheostat.  By putting the speed controller on a separate cord, the HyperFan regulates the flow of power to the rheostat with minimal ohms resistance. Having the controller on a separate cord allows the user to mount it in a convenient location. If it becomes necessary to detach the speed controller (at the unit, or the fan end of the cord), the HyperFan will operate at full power.

In “hot box” consistency testing, the hot box environment is manipulated to simulate extremes of humidity, pressure and heat. Testing the fan this way for 1 month, equates to the fan running at normal environmental conditions for an entire year.

200 HyperFans of various sizes have been running at full power, constantly, for more than 13 months now with zero failure.  The HyperFan has a 5 year warranty.  The HyperFan will operate between the ranges of -10°C to 70°C  (14°F-158°F).  It is unlikely that the HyperFan will encounter these temperature extremes. HyperFans are equipped with a safety shut off feature and are ETL & C-tick listed.

HyperFan Features

EC digital brushless motors are quieter, operate at lower temperature, are energy efficient & reliable.

High Pressure Laminar Air Flow/Taper Blade & Stator Technology

MultiPhase Technology

Soft Start Technology

Heavy Duty Sealed Bearings & Shorter Motor Shaft for smooth operation.

Hyperfan Benefits

HyperFan achieve higher CFM, L/s and have greater static pressure than a comparably sized MaxFan at ½ the energy consumption.

5 year warranty



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