HOMEbox® Evolution represents the culmination of everything we know about growing plants indoors. Ever since we invented the original portable grow tent back in 2001 we haven’t stopped innovating and improving.

The result is HOMEbox® Evolution – our most advanced portable grow tent to date. Quite simply, it forms the ideal space for growing plants indoors, unsurpassed by any other grow tent on the market.

Model names starting with the letter ‘Q’ have a square footprint.
Model names starting with the letter ‘R’ have a rectangular footprint.

Are your plants on PAR+?

PAR+ is our super reflective lining, developed exclusively for HOMEbox®. PAR+ is a “smart material” which reflects more plant-usable energy (PAR light) and less heat at your plants. Other lesser reflective materials have been shown to shift the spectrum of grow lights and create more infrared radiation (heat). Our PAR+ super reflective material is the primary reason so many growers report higher growth rates and markedly improved crop quality over lesser competitor non-PAR optimised grow tents.

PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. It’s a narrow band of electromagnetic energy (400 – 700 nm) which plants use in photosynthesis. Think of PAR as photonic fuel for your plants. The more PAR energy your plants receive, the more they grow, and the more flowers and fruit they produce. When it comes to growing, it’s all about PAR – not lumens!

OmniFlow Directable Air Vents

Our unique, rounded OmniFlow air vents give growers an extra level of control to fine-tune their growing environment. OmniFlow air vents are the most easy to seal passive intakes on the market – no more fussing with Velcro. It allows growers to actively direct incoming fresh air to exactly where it’s needed -usually between the plant canopy and the grow light – for maximum benefit to the crop.

Additional Air-Ports

Larger, adjustable air-ports with improved closure to accommodate ducting from extraction fans up to 250mm (10”). Larger models in the HOMEbox® Evolution range also feature additional air-ports to accommodate ducting from air-cooled reflectors.

Simplified Access

Finally a grow tent that’s easy to get in and out of! HOMEbox® Evolution boasts a unique no-trip, seamless access without any compromise over light proofing! Our stowable, roll-up doors and side access (on larger models) make garden maintenance a pleasure, not a chore.

Thicker Poles and Connectors

Our larger tents (from the Q100 and larger) now come with stronger 22mm frame poles and reinforced connectors and hooks giving you unlimited possibilities for suspending heavyweight ventilation, filtration and lighting equipment.

Total-Blackout Zippers

Create a light-proof seal without the need for additional flaps and Velcro. Total-Blackout Zippers feature an enhanced HOMEbox® Evolution zip-pull. Our unique new design allows all zips to be fully operated using just one hand with no threading required making getting in and out of your garden easier than ever.

Unbeatable Bug Protection

All HOMEbox® Evolution grow tents are fitted with protective integral MicroMesh covers on all air vents. The vent covers are completely removable or fixable on the inside or the outside of the tent. Our enhanced MicroMesh material measures just 700 microns affording growers maximum protection and peace of mind.

The PAR Laboratory Test

In independent tests at the Electro Technical Testing Institute in Prague, a 1.2 x 1.2m HOMEbox® PAR-optimised grow tent was compared with a competitor’s silver-lined grow tent of the same size. Both were illuminated with a 600-watt Osram Vialux HPS lamp in Adjust-a-Wing Avenger reflectors fitted with super-spreaders, powered by a Lumatek electronic ballast set to super-lumens mode.
Using an Avaspec 3648 fibreoptic PAR meter, light intensity was measured at 49 different test points, 60 cm below the lamp.

HOMEbox® (PAR Optimised)
91.8% of the growing area received 80 PAR watts or more.

Silver-Lined Grow Tent
Only 69.4% of the growing area received 80 PAR watts or more.


80 PAR watts is broadly equivalent to the energy levels required by light-loving plants indoors to grow and bloom to their full genetic potential.


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